Doug’s III MAF Band Site Update Log

24 Apr 09: First contact from Kirk Seaman.

20 Oct 08: First contact from John Lind.

11 Oct 08: First contact from Yvette Richardson.

29 Aug 08: First contact from Don Raymond and Jerome Harris.

6 Aug 08: First contact from James Gregory.

5 Aug 08: First contact from Scott McDonald.

19 Jun 08: First contact from Craig Dill.

12 Mar 08: First contact from David Hickey.

28 Jan 08: First contact from Jim Suhling.

27 Jan 08: First contact from Mike Hall.

23 Jan 08: First contact from Mike Parr.

29 Nov 07: First contact from Paul Cowhick.

25 Nov 07: First contact from Craig Benson.

29 Oct 07: First contact from John R. Jones.

17 Oct 07: First contact from Ray Topscher.

17 Jul 07: First contact from Gail McNamara.

4 Apr 07: Posted some more 1983 Korea photos and shuffled the pages around to make them chronological. The new pages are of a Jeep, Lupo in a deuce and a half, 10 Marines of The Gray Area, Claunch-Lupo-Deex, Lupo-Claunch-Riley, and Deex.

2 Apr 07: Posted the rest of the Bretz submissions.

1 Apr 07: Contact from Scott Claunch. Added 15 more of the Bretz submissions (a couple of them included Claunch).

23 Mar 07: Contact from Terry Grace.

22 Mar 07: Gary Beamon submitted some photos.

21 Mar 07: Contact from Jim Gray and Gary Beamon. Added a couple of photos of Gary here.

26 Feb 07: Added photos of the mini-reunion at the Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit.

21 Feb 07: Updated Jack Allen page.

7 Feb 07: Added audio section. The first entry is a little diddy written by former 3rd MAFer John Jonas and performed by him and his fellow band mates while stationed at MCCDC in Quantico.

24 Jan 07: Contact from John Bowman on 18 January 07. Added some photos that he submitted. Also added two more photos submitted by Chuck Bretz.

11 Jan 07: Added first two photos of 35 submitted by Chuck Bretz. It will take me a while to assimilate the rest of them into the site.

9 Jan 07: Added photos of Scott Claunch & Sandy Megas, Maggie Potter, Bob Rheaume, and a group photo including Clark, Connelly, Deex, Masterson, Rheaume, Riley, & Shelhamer.

18 Dec 06: Chuck Bretz signed the guest book on 15 December 06. Added two more photos taken during “Team Spirit” in 1983. One photo includes Chuck Bretz and Trey Singletary, and the other photo includes Phil Ranney and Sandy Megas. Also added a “South Korea” entry in the drop-down list for the gallery and links for navigation through the Korea photos on the site.

9 Dec 06: Added explanations for the awards in the upper right corner of the home page. You can now hover your mouse cursor over each medal, ribbon, or badge, and then click to see more information about that award.

7 Dec 06: Debbie Lamb (Knabenshue) signed the guest book today. I added more photos taken on New Year’s Eve Day, 1983, at the Kendrick’s residence, including photos with Bill Lamb and Deb’s boy, Richard. These photos also include John Jonas and one of my former roommates, Craig Dill.

6 Dec 06: Added Jack Allen, Patricia Fitzgerald and Craig Wells to the “accounted for” list on the home page.

4 Dec 06: Added a photo of Lori Kendrick, Kris Kowitz, and Yvette Richardson taken on New Year’s Eve Day, 1983, at the Kendrick’s residence on Kitamie Lane.

13 Nov 06: Another submission from Sandy Megas. Photo includes Wayne Badie, Sandy Megas and Trey Singletary.

10 Nov 06: Contact from Thomas D. Mautino Jr. – Added his name to the “accounted for” list on the home page.

10 Nov 06: Added some Mess Night photos from the III MAF Band Mess Night on 4 February 1984. Follow the “Mess Night” links from here.

3 Oct 06: Added two more pages to the Iwakuni Friendship Day section (here and here).

31 Jul 06: Added 17 photos submitted by Gonzo, including photos with Jack Allen, Paul Boarman, James Broderick, Andre Clark, Eddie Clark, Dan Connelly, Clyde Croswell, Jerry Deex, Eric Ebel, J. Franklin, Randy Friis, Jim Frink, Ron Fucuals, Robert Garcia, Rafael Gonzales, Terry Grace, Brian Hanson, Bill Huddleston, Doug LaPoint, Brian Lawrence, Rick Masterson, L. McGee, Don McGill, Bill Mendenhall, Don Raymond, Bob Rheaume, Yvette Richardson, Ray Rodney, Hank Standerford, John Suhling, Bruce Swain, John Urbancic, J. Wiggs, Jey Young, and Chopper. Start here and follow the “Submitted by Gonzales ” links.

28 Jun 06: Contact from Jey Young on 23 Apr 06. I didn't have Jey's name on my list because we must not have gone on any off-island trips together, or I else I didn't keep any copies of TAD (temporary additional duty) orders with his name on the roster. Those old copies of orders are where I got most of the names for the list on the main page of my site. Added Jey's name to the “accounted for” list.

21 Apr 06: Contact from Rafael Gonzales on 20 Apr 06. I talked to Gonzo on the phone today. Posted his email here.

5 Mar 06: Contact from Jeff Cribb on 22 Feb 06. I knew Jeff at the SOM and he ended up being stationed in Okinawa after I left. I added a “School Of Music” heading to the contacts list on the Home page.

14 Jul 05: Added a page with video stills from an outdoor USO gig the stage band played on Easter 1984. Featured band personnel are Stanley Crane, Erik Ferdman, Dave Hickey, Sarah Johnson, Bill Lamb, and Paul Riley.

8 Jul 05: Added more photos from the FEN Special Report, including additional photos for Connelly, Croswell, Frink, Rager, Raymond and Riley, and first-ever photos for John Bowman, Randy Friis, J. Harris, Allen Kendrick, Mike Parr and Ray Rodney.

5 Jul 05: Added more photos from the FEN Special Report, including additional photos (pop-up) for Croswell and Raymond and first-ever photos for Anthony Caruso and Frank Welch.

1 Jul 05: Added some general Okinawa photos and a thumbnail page with photos that feature various aspects of Okinawa. New shots of Connelly and LaPoint also added.

29 Jun 05: Added some more photos taken in Olongapo, Philippine Islands with a thumbnail page for all of the PI shots. I already had the photos for Ferdman and Hanson posted, but new photos were added of Andre Clark, John Fisher, and myself. Also added a few general shots of Olongapo and a map of Magsaysay Drive.

23 Jun 05: Added link to an “Okinawa Marine” article on the Hank Standerford page.

15 Jun 05: I noticed that I get quite a bit of traffic to the “Okinawa Map” page, so I added six maps and a high-altitude photograph to make it more worth visiting.

14 Jun 05: Added 28 photos submitted by John Wohletz, including photos with Booth, Claunch, Connelly, Deex, Evans, Fournier, Gray, Helenbrook, LaPoint, Lorenzo, Lupo, Noble, Masterson, McNamara, Megas, Riley, Rhodes, Seaman, Singletary, and Trees. Start here and follow the “Submitted by Wohletz” links.

2 Jun 05: Added index pages and preserved biography pages for Ron Fucuals and Luis Arce.

25 Mar 05: Contact from Fred Oliver on 17 Mar 05.

7 Mar 05: Added links to gallery pages from names under unit photos on Unit Photo pages.

4 Mar 05: Converted the Gallery section from “Frames” to “SSI” for navigation. It is now possible to bookmark, link to, or otherwise refer to a specific URL (web address) for individual picture pages.

21 Jan 05: Submission by Bob Woodbury on 9 Dec 04.

28 July 04: Submission by Bob Rheaume on 19 June 04.

7 June 04: Contact from Kris Kowitz on 3 June 04.

21 May 04: Submission by Walt Trachim on 7 May 04.

20 Feb 04: Added “Favicon” for site.

11 Feb 04: Visit from Pat Hennessee on January 24, 2004. We went to the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. Added photo page.

17 Oct 03: Marty Keil sent a photo taken in the band barracks recreation room. Created a Submissions section to distinguish submitted material from my own. Also, I uploaded the Dan Connelly biography page which I preserved from the 3d MAW Band website.

31 Mar 03: Hank Standerford sent new pictures of himself and his wife, Rumi.

26 Mar 03: Visit from Pat Hennessee on the Ides of March, 2003. We went to see Brian Hanson's band play at a bar. Added photo pages.

4 Feb 03: Contact from Joe Aurand. Added page.

29 Jul 02: Contact from Walt Trachim. Added page. Finally added picture of Jeff Rager sent from Jeff on 4/11/01. Also added picture of Sandy Megas sent by Sandy on 9/19/00, and a picture of Trey Singletary, Sandy Megas, and Richard Mittwede sent by Sandy on 4/29/01.

25 Jun 02: Added 7 pages documenting a visit from Clyde Croswell to Wohletz in Michigan and LaPoint in Minnesota (August, 2000). Also added photos submitted by John Wohletz.

15 Apr 02: Contact from Chris Wakeman. Added Wakeman info page with link to his website.

11 Feb 02: Added Hank Standerford info page with link to Hank's website.

5 Feb 02: Contact from Scott Toro. Added Scott Toro info page.

2 Apr 01: 13 new pages, with new photos of Melvin “Chuck” Bretz, Andre Clark, Tim Ellenberger, Steve Epperson, Joel Hansen, Marty Keil, Doug LaPoint, Rick Masterson, Tom Mautino, Sandy Megas, Bob Rheaume, Paul Riley, Chris Wakeman, John Wohletz.

17 Jul 00: New photos of Kevin Cress, Jerry Deex, Harry Evans, Pat Fitzgerald, Vern Harris, Dave Helenbrook, Debbie Knabenshue, Doug LaPoint, José Lara, Maggie Potter, John Wohletz.

13 Jun 00: New photos from the MCMA Reunion and new photos of Brian Hanson.