Row 1 (L to R): J. W. Jones, K. Kowitz, D. Knabenshue, R. Rodney, S. Johnson, M. Parr, R. Hazlegrove, C. Farmer, F. Welch, C. Croswell, D. Raymond, S. Crane, J. Gregory, G. Beamon, J. Bowman, Y. Richardson, N. Rhodes, L. Kendrick.
Row 2: V. Mioner, R. Masterson, T. Ford, E. Ferdman, T. Grace, R. Woodbury, R. Garcia, D. Gould, B. Lawrence, W. Huddleston, P. Hennessee, J. Lara, W. Mendenhall, K. Cress, R. Friis, C. Burchard, J. Harris, A. Kendrick, J. Adair.
Row 3: J. Frink, A. Clark, A. Caruso, M. McNulty, J. Rager, W. Bell, K. Seaman, W. Lamb, D. Connelly, J. Scott, K. Hilbish, R. Gonzales, J. Jonas, D. LaPoint, E. Ebel, J. Aurand, J. Deex, P. Riley, D. Hickey, B. Rheaume.

February 1984

This band photo was taken on Okinawa in front of the Shurei-mon near Shuri Castle.
Click here for a web page that gives a history of the castle and the area around it.

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