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There are some people, like yourself, that didn’t make it on my list because I used old travel (TAD) orders to refresh my memory about who I was stationed with there. Either we did not take an off-island trip together, or I don’t have the orders from such a trip.

I will add you to the list, under “Accounted For!”

Were you a sax player Tim?

Thanks for reminding me what Tom Mautino’s name is. I need to correct/add that on the unit photos. Tom is in the "82" photo, row 2, second to last guy. Sandy is right below him in the picture.

Clyde got to Okinawa one month before me, in June of ’82. Do you remember when you left in ’83?

You still have your Taifu jacket? How excellent!


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I went to your Web site and some of the pictures were asking about dates. The first picture says 1982, I was trying to remember when Captain Croswell came to OKI. Was it late 82? I remember when I first got there I think sometime in 1982 is just before Captain Croswell got there.

So was the picture take before I was there or after I left in 83? I’m thinking it must have been after because I don’t see some people like Gunny Covington, Tom Mautino, Sandy Megas (sp?), or myself. I think my Taifu jacket has the years 82-83 on it.


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If you’re interested in seeing some pictures of Ron Fucuals and Dan Connelly taken during the 2000 MCMA Reunion at Miramar, check out my web site dedicated to the III MAF Band during the time frame of August 82 to July 85.


You can go straight to the “Gallery” section (http://doug.lapoint.net/gallery/) and choose “MCMA Reunion 2000” from the pull down menu.

Doug LaPoint

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