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From: Kris Jore
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 16:21:16
To: webmaster
Subject: Okinawa


Is this the one and only Doug LaPoint? This is Kris Kowitz, now Jore. My sister was bored one day and typed my name into Google. How weird to find a site that asks where I am?!? Anyway, I’m in Minnesota too. On the north side of the Metro in a town called Oak Grove. Just north of Andover? Coon Rapids? Anyway, I only have a minute as I’ve run out of time for reminiscing. Let me know if I’ve actually found the right address for you and we’ll “catch up” via cyber space. Hope all is well for you and that you have “recovered” from your Marine Musician experience. Just kidding.

Take care

Kris Jore (Kowitz)