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Sometime after I got out of the Corps, I happened to run into Sarah Johnson at the Red Fox Inn at Silver Lake Resort near Wild Rose, Wisconsin. The Red Fox is a tavern that is close to the lake home of a friend of mine. My friend and I don’t go there very often, but we went there once to have a few beers and shoot some pool, and I’m guessing it was sometime between ’86 and ’89.

I saw Sarah, and I recognized her, but I think I might have forgotten her first name, and I ended up having to call her “Sergeant Johnson.” At that time I found out that she was going by her maiden name of Sarah Schomisch. I remember that we talked for a while and from what I recall, she said her parents had a lake home in the area. I believe she said that she was originally from the Appleton, Wisconsin area. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure she had gotten out of the Corps by then also, and that she was living somewhere in Wisconsin – probably Appleton.

Hopefully Sarah will find this page and get in contact to let us know what she’s up to now.

Sarah Janz (Johnson) found the site and signed the guest book on 6 Jan 07.