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Ach, forgot to ask for your help in getting Rafael "Gonzo" Gonzales and Bruce "Batman" Swain to email me if possible.
Thanks, and ( a note to mark this time period, Corona Virus 19 ) wash those hands.

Joe S Rodriguez <joerodriguez785@yahoo.com>
Palmhurst, TX
- Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 10:43:08 (CST)

Thanks to you Doug, for all the work you put in to your site and Fb. Hello to you Fewer and Prouder who served before me, those who I served with, and those who served after my service. So many years have passed. Thanks for great memories. It was the time of my life. I apologize for my failures and disapointment performance and conduct. I thank those who took the time and effort to help, and as I remember you, I want you to know your words and actions won't be a total waste. I have photos of our times and will try to start posting them. I can be reached at joerodriguez785@yahoo.com .

Joe S Rodriguez <joerodriguez785@yahoo.com>
Palmhurst, TX
- Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 10:28:19 (CST)

Greetings everybody, I happened to stumble across this website, as did my mother apparently, but I was hoping to get in touch with anyone that might have pictures of my dad, Randy, the one that was sent to me by Tammi was faded into another picture of me, and I couldn't really make out the picture. If anyone is able to help I would gladly appreciate it.

-Randy A. Friis Jr.

P.S. Thank you in advance

Randy Friis Jr. <friisrandy@yahoo.com>
Manhattan, Kansas    U.S.A
- Thurs, Nov 9, 2017 at 22:35:13 (CST)

Hey, all! Glad to see Doug has this site. We should all get together, or at least do something unachievable and stupid.


Ferrell Gray (Jay) <jgray@jayandmartin.com>
Jacksonville, FL    US
- Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 13:05:32 (CDT)

Randy Friis was my roommate for a while at the School of Music. Randy was quite a character, and we had some good times. My deepest condolences.

Mike McNulty <mmcnulty@pa.gov>

- Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 14:00:27 (CST)

Yo, Devil Dogs. Getting ready to do some traveling around the country. Reporting first to Major General Habel's in Vista, CA, around 17, 18, 19 Jan, then up to Monterey, CA for about 3 days (Asilomar). Would love to swing by your way (as many as possible) and tell each of you one by one what a tremendous difference you made in my life. Contact me at home (540) 955-1894, cell (540) 535-6644, or e-mail ccroswell@hughes.net if you're interested, and I'll start making me up a five paragraph order (SMEAC -- remember?) for me to follow. Peace, Wholeness, and Love to all -- Clyde

Clyde Croswell <ccroswell@hughes.net>
Berryville, VA    United States
- Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 07:23:29 (CST)

Worked with Randy Friis the whole year I was at Okinawa. He played bass guitar in Chopstix and Taifu. I was playing guitar. One of the nicest guys I served with on Okinawa. We had some great gigs, as we seemed to be more together than the other showband for awhile.

Brian Hanson <bphanson2002@yahoo.com>
Albertville, Minnesota    United States
- Tues, Oct 7, 2014 at 16:43:14 (CDT)

Oh Thank YOU soo much, Doug and Gonzo! You will never know how much it means to me and Randy Jr for the information you have given us so far. He is finally getting a chance to not only see pictures of his dad but also learn more about him. So Keep the info and pictures/videos coming. And anyone else out there that may have more stories or pictures we would love to hear/see them. THANK YOU once again!

Tammi Runyan <tammifriis@hotmail.com>
Pratt, kansas
- Thurs, Feb 21, 2013 at 07:28:26 (CST)

FYI to those who have read Tammi's comment below:  Tammi also contacted me via email and I put her in touch with Rafael Gonzales (a.k.a. Gonzo), who was Randy's roommate for a few years on Okinawa. Gonzo responded with a nice email. If anyone else has any memories of Randy, feel free to post them here.

Doug LaPoint <3mafband@lapoint.net>

- Thurs, Feb 7, 2013 at 11:39:38 (CST)

I found your site while looking for photos Of RANDY FRIIS. To answer a question He passed away working on a tow boat he fell over board and was caught under a barge. He had a son who is now 20 years old and in the navy. If anyone could give him some information on his dad I would be very happy. and I know he would to. His son's name Is RANDY ALLEN FRIIS JR. he is stationed in Norfolk Va, on board the USS batton. Thank you Tammi J Friis- Runyan....


- Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 22:41:21 (CST)

Hello Everyone,
Good to see so many of y'all around! I'm Alive and kicking, so if you ever want to contact me, Facebook is the best way.

David Hickey <davidhickeymusic@gmail.com>
Chandler, AZ    United States
- Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 20:25:42 (CST)

I was with the 3rd Marine Air wing band in Iwakuni, Japan when we were then sent to Okinawa and combined with the 3rd MAF band at Camp Zukeran. I was transferred to MCRD San Diego for the last 6 months of my enlistment. That would have been January of 1979. Prior to that, and after USNSOM I was with the 1st Mar Div band under Top Gus Inman... a great but provocative man. Also Top Kelleher who retired about that time. Inman was 6'6" tall and was loved by the commanding general there at Camp Pendleton, so we got some great gigs... like when we did the Texas State Fair for 2 solid weeks... that one was the best... even over the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. I was in that in January of 78. The 2nd best however, was when we were the rodeo band for the professional, Cody Stampede, in Buffalo Bills hometown of Cody Wyoming. We were guests of the Cody family at the mansion there in Cody Wyoming. Awesome gig.

Craig Maize <craigmaize@gmail.com>
Pomona, CA    usa
- Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 00:00:58 (CDT)

Okinawa Band 1979 - 1983

Jeffrey Brooks <jeffrey.lynn.brooks@us.army.mil>
Tobyhanna, PA
- Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 16:00:20 (CST)

I loved viewing the picture of the past of PATRICK HENNESSEE. Thank you for who ever has them in this Gallery. Very much enjoyed. XOXOX

Tracy Formaro <rileyformaro@aol.com>
omaha, ne    usa
- Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 08:29:23 (CST)

Was in Okinawa '84 with a lot of you folks...wow, great site. Played trumpet and keys....oh yeah, and got busted a time or two also....whoa...
still play the keys, just better....anyway, great to see old familiar names and read these posts....Like another post said: "good to see so many have made it this far"....
I now own a small specialty concrete company in the Charlotte area and play the keys anywhere I can...It's cool to see what folks are doing, real productive for a bunch of band $@&$.
Take care,
Semper Fi,

Walt "Ray" Bell <regionalconcrete@earthlink.net>
Monroe, NC    USA
- Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 22:30:28 (CST)


andre clark

- Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 17:23:38 (CDT)

Hi Doug.

This is my new "updated" information. i don't know how to change it within your site. help me out, and continue doing this great deed. Is there a reunion down the road?


Andre Clark <dayofdre@att.net>
Cleveland, ohio    usa
- Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 17:22:32 (CDT)

What great luck finding this site. I continue to have fond memories to the 1st MAW and III MAF Bands. It is great to see so many people again.

Catching you all up on 28 years: Exited active duty and playing in '83 and did the college thing, then married with two step daughters and 4 grand kids. Working as an industrial x-ray system design engineer at the moment. I started playing again in '09 after showing one of my grand daughter's my Euphonium, which was is a less than desirable state. Had the horn cleaned, found a local Euph instruction that was a DC MC Band soloist in the late '70s, picked up a couple local band chairs and am having a great time playing again. I should have never stopped.

I will dig up some photos and send them in. I know I have 1st MAW, but need to dig a little for III MAF.

Ron Wiegand <rwiegand@rochester.rr.com>
Clarkson, NY    USA
- Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 09:08:07 (CDT)

Sorry for the bad grammar, in a hurry, have to pick up my wife Carol.

John L. Bowman Jr. <Johnbowma@gmail.com>
San Deigo, CA    U.S.A
- Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 17:46:32 (CDT)

Hey Marines,
This just hooked up with Jerry Deex at the 2011 NAMM SHOW in L.A. back in JAN. 2011. He got tickets for me and couple of my band members and me. It was great seeing him. Amazing he still looks the same. Great person too. Semper Fi.
Sgt Bowman (cell) 858-663-6557 supersax@cox.net or johnbowma@gmail.com I retire from Cal State U. San Marcos next year.

John L. Bowman Jr. <Johnbowma@gmail.com>
San Diego, CA    San Deigo
- Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 17:41:46 (CDT)

Hi! Really enjoyed finding your site. I was there on trumpet from 86-87. I loved my time there and yes, Mindy Dunning was in fact there as well. I still can't look at a golden retreiver and not think of Chopper. When I get a scanner I can put some pictures in as well.
Semper Fi

Catherine Lawrence (Gell) <cflinwa@gmx.com>
Tacoma, WA    US
- Tues, Apr 5, 2011 at 18:26:01 (CDT)

Hey Doug;

Think I found Tim Ellenberger......



Trey Singletary <atsingletary@yahoo.com>
Forney, Texas    USA
- Thurs, Mar 24, 2011 at 15:00:39 (CDT)

here is my other contact info as well...{Great site!!}....

Larry Judkins <LEJudkins@aol.com>
Syracuse , N.Y.    US
- Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 00:14:56 (CST)

hey doug ...found this site from facebook..nice job with keeping the history of the band alive....many great memories...SEMPER FIDELIS!!

larry judkins <mrhinote@aol.com>

- Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 00:09:23 (CST)

What's up all !!!

Kenneth W Foster <kfoster1906@aol.com>
Houston, Tx
- Thurs, Mar 10, 2011 at 10:40:15 (CST)

Wow, what a trip down memory lane. Living in Honolulu since 1991. If anyone wants to contact me call at 808-221-3255 or email. Pictures bought back alot of memories for me. Aloha!!

Leroy E. Contee, Jr. <lcontee@aol.com>
Honolulu, Hawaii    USA
- Tues, Nov 2, 2010 at 15:07:33 (CDT)

Hey Marines!

Doug ... still love'n your site -- sooo many memories. Thanks for all you have done keeping us all connected.

Here's the update from the Parr's ...

We will be returning back to the "Rock" this Aug for a 3 year tour (DoD). Diane and I have been with the Govt. now for about 12 years. Our girls are now; Patty 8 and Mary 6. Loads of fun!

We will be living on Kadena. Unreal -- never say never . Once settled on Kadena, I will update. Anyone still living on Okie?

All stay safe - Semper Fi!

Mike Parr <parr14e@verizon.net>
Stafford, Va    USA
- Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 07:10:36 (CDT)

Wow...Hadn't seen some of these people since I left Oki...Hello from Chicago. Raising my son and writing fiction...feeding myself by doing remodelling work. Will post what I have when I can...Semper Fi.

Wayne Badie <cwbadie@yahoo.com>
Chicago, Illinois    United States
- Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 01:03:55 (CDT)

Doug, sorry I didn't leave my contact information last year....it's attached now. Love the site and all the comments from such wonderful people!

Kirk Troen <kirk@kirktroen.com>
vallejo, va
- Thurs, May 25, 2010 at 23:21:32 (CDT)

wow....Dave Mcgill... not Don....what a blast from the past....so much time and water under the bridge. What I would give to have those days back!

Dave McGill <Grafdave@yahoo.com>
San diego, Ca
- Fri, May 21, 2010 at 17:37:14 (CDT)

Hi. My name is Thaddeus Ford, II. My father played trumpet and was stationed in Okinawa during the 80's. A guy by the name of David Hickey turned me on to this site. I always enjoy meeting people who knew my father. If you have any stories and especially pictures, please, don't hesitate to send them to my e-mail address. I'm also a trumpeter. You can check me out on Facebook (Thaddeus James Ford), MySpace (www.myspace.com/thaddeusfabulousford and www.myspace.com/thaddeusfabulousfordii) Twitter (thaddeusford). I'm looking forward to hearing from you all.


Thaddeus Ford <thaddeus_ford@yahoo.com>
Dallas, TX    USA
- Fri, May 14, 2010 at 11:40:35 (CDT)

Hi Doug:
Great site, life sucks, until I saw your site I thought everyone I knew was a dream. When I got out, all my friends vanished and the ones that remained in the MC didn't have time. I was in Okinawa from 85-87,,,,I think. I went back in 93-2000 as a Repair Tech and helped Hank design the new bandhall.
I'm stillll fixing and repairing those dog-gone instruments. I'm now working with Phil Pike. Bring back any memories!! If anyone wants to write me, please do so. Thanks for the memories Doug. Semper Fi.
Gy Berg USMC Retired 5523/36/9954 Retired 31 July 02

Eric Samberg <ericsamberg@yahoo.com>
Temecula, CA    US
- Thurs, May 6, 2010 at 00:01:17 (CDT)

Kurt Seaman, if your out there and intercep this send me an email. I understand you're working in the UP. My wife and I go there all the time.

semper fi

John Wohletz <wohletzmc@cablespeed.com>
Brighton, Michigan    US
- Thurs, Mar 25, 2010 at 07:14:19 (CDT)

hello to all of you jarheads! I read vernon's comments and was in awe. I hope to see some of you in 2010. Plus, I have a pass to fly. Life has been good. Please feel free to contact me should you disire. doug, keep it up! see my website.....acpsounds.net Love all of you and may God bless all of you Andre Clark

Andre Clark <dayofdre@roadrunner.com>
South Euclid, Ohio    U.S.of A..
- Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 18:08:47 (CST)

Doug, this is amazing! I'm speechless. Great photos and really good to see comments from so many of the people I remember from a very strange period of my life. Retired in 2001 from Cherry Point. Finished MA degree in counseling, worked for the VA for a few years and took a job working for the USMC. I'm presently working in Okinawa (since 2005) as the program manager for the substance abuse counseling center - go figure. My one year in Okinawa back in '82-83 should have landed me in rehab a lot earlier (this happened after I got to Camp Lejeune with Top Mike). Clean and sober for over 17 years, married for 22 (to a wonderful former Marine Musician), 6 children, working on Ph.D. Haven't picked up a trombone in years but I play piano and bass in church. I've run into LtCol (Ret) Clyde Croswell a couple of times (last time was in Iwakuni in 2006).

Vernon Harris <vernhar@regent.edu>
Okinawa,    Japan
- Thurs, Nov 19, 2009 at 05:48:05 (CST)

Just to say high to all and that my e-mail changed and website. Had to shut down the club, early last year we had a Island wide lockdown on ALL military could not go out in town at all for almost 2 months, well u get the drift, no money, no business. So now have a lawn care during the day or when i don't have gigs and provide entertainment when I'm not mowing. Much more healthy than drinking every nite until the chickens roost! Doing sound for bands now, but a very costly profession. Take care and if you ever visit the Island, give me a call. Later gators!

Steve "Hank" Standerford <OkinawaEntertainment@yahoo.com>
Nakagusuku, Okinawa    Japan
- Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 17:25:04 (CDT)

Good to see so many that made it this far.

I've been blessed to have made it until now for sure. Came out with a CD in 1998. Had my kidneys removed in 1999 (15 lbs of cysts in each), went on hemo-dialysis for 2 1/2 years, then my sister donated a kidney in the nick of time. Went into heart failure in '04, but was healed by God shortly thereafter, the Dr's called it a miracle.

My wife and I are currently working on some new CD projects. One instrumental with trumpet, another a piano compilation, and a worship CD.

(Top Raymond, I have Gary Beamon's e-mail, I'm sure he wouldn't mind hearing from you.)

I have some great memories of all of you. You were a great group to work with.

Dave Hickey (aka Husk, husky) <daveandgwen@att.net>
- Thurs, Sep 17, 2009 at 09:55:35 (CDT)

Hey Kirk! Great to finally hear from you. I noticed you didn't leave any contact information. If you don't want to leave your email address in this guestbook, but would still like to let me know how to get a hold of you, drop me a line at .

Doug LaPoint
Minneapolis, MN
- Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 10:38:10 (CDT)

Hey Doug,
Great site. I don't often get the chance to just surf but came across this site and found several people that I have wondered about. Thanks

K Seaman

- Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 08:50:32 (CDT)

My name is Don Cooper and I was a machine gunner attached to the FMD band in Vietnam in 1969. I have a website dedicated to the band and the three members who gave all in Feb 1969. Please check out my blog and contact me if you served with me and the band during that time and have pictures, stories or can identify any jarheads in the photos.
Don Cooper L/Cpl 0331 1968-70

Don Cooper <scoop748@yahoo.com>
New York    USA
- Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 15:11:25 (CST)

I'm still playing drums, Doug. Going on 43 years of banging the skins.
Here is a music video of me playing on our lead singers song "Soldier Son".
It was recorded at Rocking Horse studio in Pittsfield, NH.


Robert C. Woodbury <rhythm@metrocast.net>
Belmont, NH    United States
- Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 11:48:41 (CST)

Happy Birthday Doug!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL day!!!

Bill and Deb :)

Debbie Lamb <debkayenm61@windstream.net>
Ruidoso, NM    USA
- Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 22:26:27 (CDT)

This site is quite the blast from the past. Great job, Doug!

I was on the Rock from '84 through '87 and am no longer unaccounted for. Cindy and I have been married for more than 21 years now. After a couple of years in San Diego we got out in '90. We spent time in Pittsburgh in school, then more school, and found ourselves in MN. Great to see all the photos to tug on the memory.

John Lind <lindjc@iw.net>
Marshall, MN
- Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 22:14:52 (CDT)

Hello All! Greetings from SoCal. I saw some people on the guest book that I do recall. Drop me an e-mail if you can. I was in Okinawa from '86 - '89.

Michael Small <michael.small2@va.gov>
Cardiff-By-The-Sea, CA
- Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 11:30:44 (CDT)

Hey All! Kudos to Doug on the site, great job. I tripped down memory lane for days with Randy my husband, a musician, and squid (in that order). I too have fond memories of so many people and the things we did on the Rock. Some memories were jogged from so far back they hurt. We ride Harleys, I played cello in the orchestra and jazz flute for a while, and Randy is a drummer. We are curretly working on a recording project. Will let you know as it grows. We actually considered joining a "senior" (old folks over 21) drum & bugle corps but we both have day jobs. Drop me a line when you get off the floor and stop rolling with laughter.

It was so nice to see and hear so many of you doing so well. Those lost will be remembered always. God bless.

Semper Fi

Yvette Thompson (Richardson) <thethompsons1839@comcast.net>
Longmont, CO    USA
- Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 17:17:51 (CDT)

Congrats on the site. Great pics and good memories! I am living in Maryland now. After I retired I went to college at the Univ of MD and was fortunate enough to study with Chris Vadala and Dale Underwood for a few years. Great folks and tremendous musicians. I now perform with a few local groups at weddings and stuff. I also give private lessons to kids in the area. Drop me a line to anyone who cares to keep in touch. Semper Fi! Jake

Joe Jacob <USMCJake@aol.com>
Rockville, MD    USA
- Tues, Sep 9, 2008 at 17:15:30 (CDT)




JEROME HARRIS (757) 343-3704

Jerome Harris <jerome.harris@norfolk.gov>

- Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 20:41:15 (CDT)

stanley, how the hell are you? is your family well? i think about you often tell everyone i said hi! sing on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Raymond <donald.raymond@sbcglobal.net>
El Paso, Tx
- Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 20:36:12 (CDT)

danny never thought i talk to you again. how is life?

Donald Raymond <donald.raymond@sbcglobal.net>
El Paso, TX
- Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 20:27:42 (CDT)

hey ed never thought i would talk to you again. how's your family?

Donald Raymond <donald.raymond@sbcglobal.net>
El Paso, Texas
- Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 20:20:27 (CDT)

Sorry about that, I forgot my email address!

Donald E. Raymond, Jr. <donald.raymond@sbcglobal.net>
El Paso, Texas
- Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 20:09:48 (CDT)

gary you were the best trumpet player i ever had the pleaure of conducting.
korea sure was cold. are you still a monster player? DO YOU STILL LIKE

don raymond
el paso, texas
- Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 20:06:59 (CDT)

It is suprising to see yourself in a picture on the web ..... Doug you did a great job with the site, and it brings back many memories of all and especially the mess night. I completed almost 9 yrs total active with the bands: MCRD twice, III MAF twice and 2nd MARDIV, with instrument repair school stuck in there, got out, came home to Michigan, been working as a Deputy Sheriff for 23 years now. I switched services and retired as a Master Sergeant from the US Air Force Reserves, seeing duty as a loadmaster with service in Kosovo, Bosnia, Panama and Iraq.

My son just made me a 49 yr old grandfather, so your pictures prove I was once young. I have 2 great kids, 2 step kids and a new wife. When not playing cop, I conduct a community concert band, a community jazz band, perform in the Woodward Ave Blues band and with a big band named "The Pros."

To all I suffered with .... miss the hell out of ya all. I may have some old pictures somewhere and if so I will scan and send them. Great to read about all my old friends ... Frink, Bowman, Parr, etc... Semper Fi.

Jim Gregory (no longer missing in action!)

JAMES GREGORY <gregoryj820@hotmail.com>
Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan    USA
- Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 13:39:12 (CDT)

Great website, Doug! I have a lot of fond memories from my 2 years on The Rock. (And some not very fond, life altering ones, too:). It was so cool to see that Hank is still living there. I saw Chuck Farmer just last year. He and I are both still in the instrument repair business. Like others before me, this made me go digging for old pics in my closet! I have a few to submit.

So sad about Jack, Thad and Randy.


Scott McDonald <scottm1963@gmail.com>
Marietta, Georgia
- Tues, Aug 5, 2008 at 09:12:55 (CDT)

Wow!!!! For some strange reason I decided to Google the III Maf Band today and was I surprised. Most may not remember me, but I certainly remember everyone else. Came over in 1983 just before the Korea trip. Had the privilage of guarding equipment and mess duty while the Band went to Seoul.I did visit with Capt. Croswell a few years back while in the Va area. Am playing again with a local Wind Symphony and in the process of trying to form some sort of jazz group. Played in the 50-53 USS Missouri Reunion Jazz Band just a few months ago and had a blast. I know it would be a huge deal to pull off, but everyone should think about some sort of reunion. Would be glad to help with arrangments. Take care all, Craig Dill

Craig Dill <cdill_8@msn.com>
Lebanon, OH    United States
- Thurs, Jun 19, 2008 at 19:28:29 (CDT)

Wow! Great site. Will have to dig through my photos and submit a few

Echoes of an era...

SOM 1976, Iwakuni 1976-1977, San Diego 1977-1979

Don Donatt <donvp@hotmail.com>
- Sun, May 18, 2008 at 21:16:32 (CDT)

Great site. I served in the MCRD San Diego Band from 82-88, then the powers that were sent me to Recruiters school across the grinder. I would love to get in touch with any of the wonderful group of fellow Marines I served with in San Diego and at the SOM.

It's great to see some old names. Don Chalfy, Andre Clark, Harry Evans, etc... Does anyone out there know where Bill Lewis or Bill Corrigan are today?

Semper Fi and keep up the good work Doug!

Wes Locke

Wes "Bird" Locke <wesleylocke@comcast.net>
Umatilla, Florida    USA
- Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 19:02:24 (CDT)

Hello Everyone! Doug, this is a great site and it brought back alot of memories. I retired in 2000 as a MSgt and have been a police officer in Jacksonville ever since. I am currently a Sgt and the Internal Affairs Investigator for the agency. I have been married to a wonderful woman who was also a Marine Musician in Hawaii for 20 years now. We have 5 boys, yes ... 5! Anyone who wants to get caught up, drop me a line. Again, it was great to see some of these old photos ... thanks for including me.

Harry Evans <DEVANS33@ec.rr.com>
Jacksonville, North Carolina
- Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 15:50:24 (CDT)

Hey Everyone,

Good to see everyone is still around after all this time. Doug, thanks for the site!
Feel free to send me an e-mail, I'll be glad to write back.

What a small, small world ............. John Jones and Jim Broderick went to my high school in Florida ...... graduated different years, and all of us ended up at the same time in Okinawa.
What are the chances of that?

Semper Fi

David Hickey <dovesong777@onramp.bz>
Winnemucca, NV    U.S.
- Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 02:19:39 (CDT)

Outstanding work Doug

I had the pleasure of having brunch with Jerry Deex and Bob Rheaume on Sunday (2/10/08); we still laugh at all the knucklehead things we did with the Marines of the III MAF Band. I'm very fortunate to be able to see Jerry and Bob as we all live in southern CAL and get together to re-live the memories that we shared with all the Marines that have logged in on the site you created. I retired in 2001 with 21 years of service and now I work behind the former MCAS El Toro for the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. I'm currently playing upright bass in a Blue Grass Band (myspace.com/thebladerunners). Sgt Bowman (John) we'll see you at the Pendleton Staff club the next time your group is scheduled to play there. To all the Marines that I had the pleasure of breaking bread with or raising a cold one with - you will always have a place to rest your head or eat a bratwurst in Fallbrook, CA. Doug, I still fly home every year for a Packer game so it would be my pleasure to take you and your lovely wife to a Packer tailgate party and to the game.

Semper Fi
Danny Connelly
Cell - 949.939.2663
Hm - 760.723.0446

Dan Connelly <dconnelly@ocsd.org>
Fallbrook, CA    USA
- Thurs, Feb 21, 2008 at 15:49:12 (CST)

Hi Doug,

It's been quite a while since I contacted you - probably close to 5 years, I think. Lots happening these days. I'm still married to the lovely Martha (our 5th anniversary is this coming July 26), and between us we have three: Jon, 18, and Nancy, 15 (mine) and Kerry, 16 (hers). We live in Goffstown, NH, about 60 miles north-west of Boston. I am working as a Critical Care Paramedic with the EMS provider for the city of Manchester, NH, right next door. I love my job, as much as when I was a member of the bands. Many people in my thoughts lately, and it's good to see their names: Mike Parr, John Bowman, Trey, Brandy, many others....

This is such a good resource and you do a wonderful job keeping it together. I think you found the link to it on my web page, in fact.

Take care, all. Semper Fi.


Walt Trachim <walttrachim@comcast.net>
Goffstown, NH
- Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 20:04:01 (CST)

Hey Doug, man i think I was with you somewhere maybe SOM? A lot of time and beer drops have passed since then. I was married to a wm, oops better capitalize that DOUBLEYOU EM. She was known by most as CPL FINN. We were married for 13 years and shared a lot of good and bad times (recruiting duty mainly). I e-mld Robbie Harris, we were at fmf pac band in the late 70s.

Jim Suhling <eglidejim@att.net>
noblesville, indiana    good old USA
- Mon, Jan 28, 2008 at 09:14:47 (CST)

WOW. I just stumbled across this great site. don't even know how, but sure great to see pictures and names from a reat time long ago. thanks for putting it together.

mike hall <halldaddio@hotmail.com>
riverside, ca    usa
- Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 21:45:24 (CST)

Hey Doug and fellow Brothers and Sisters I would have written sooner but I was out working on my drill techniques - ha I think about those ol days often a life time of memories. Thank you for keeping the memories alive through your site! Just to catch you all up with me I have been married now for 22 year to a former Marine Bandsman, Diane Fortini Parr. We have two girls, Patty 6 and Mary 4. I retired from Quantico with 22 years of service. Since retiring I am back in the government and work in the WDC area. I will send update photos soon All be safe and Semper Fi! Mike Parr, GySgt Ret.

Mike Parr <michasp0@ucia.gov>
Hartwood, Va    USA
- Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 12:22:04 (CST)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Bill and I had the pleasure of seeing Joe Aurand and his wife Crystal over the Christmas holidays. Turns out that Joe's mom lives here and we were able to hook up because of this site. Nice to see so many names and get back in touch with people!

Deb :)

Debbie Lamb <billdebbielamb@earthlink.net>
Silver City, NM    USA
- Wed, Jan 2, 2008 at 17:46:22 (CST)

I was in the Marine Band MCRD San Diego with Jim Frink. I have been trying to locate and connect. Anyone have any contact with him recently. Would greatly appreciate. You can email me at christopher_knapick@ml.com

Chris Knapick <christopher_knapick@ml.com>
corpus christi, Texas
- Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 12:49:13 (CST)

I was not in Oki with Doug, but see a lot of familiar names and faces of guys I served with in the 2nd MAW Band (1984-1986) and the 3rd MAF Band (1986-1987). Thanks for this website and the link to the past it provides. Damn, it's been a long time!

Eric Meck <emeck@baldwinim.com>
Eagleville, PA
- Fri, Dec 7, 2007 at 12:27:34 (CST)

Hey all!
Says I'm unaccounted for. Well, I'm here. Retired (GySgt) 2 years ago from the aviation community (yup the "Wing"). Now living up in Montana and lovin' it. Great to see some of the old pics. Have some of sitting in a box that I should scan and send in to ya.
Sorry to see some of our friends have gone to report to the Supreme Commander. God bless Thad, Randy and Jack.
Love ya all!

Paul Cowhick
- Thurs, Nov 29, 2007 at 16:58:23 (CST)

Hey Doug!

Thanks for posting the pic of me and Cribb during one of our beloved SOM field days. The Playboy mag adds a lot! We Marines always did things with flair, huh?

I've been back to the SOM since this photo was taken, though having worn an Army uniform (I'm in the 40th Army Band – an Army National Guard band based in Colchester, Vermont). And, I'm going for my E7, so I'll be going back to the SOM yet one more time, this time for the Advanced Course. I should get Cribb to meet me there so we can take this photo all over again!

I hope life is treating you well. Drop me a line sometime.

Semper Fi,
Craig Benson

Craig A. Benson <craigalanbenson@comcast.net>
South Burlington, Vermont    USA
- Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 19:25:30 (CST)


I learned stamina from the 3rd Mar Div.

Ed :) AKA Patrick Hession

Edgar Spearman <edgarspearman@insightbb.com>
Elwood, Indiana    USA
- Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 20:44:55 (CST)

I just wanted to say that my memories and early trumpet playin' was with the 3rd mar div, and I wouldn't replace it for the world.

Maynard Ferguson asked me before he died; where and the hell did you come from; I told him the 3rd Marine Division Band and Parris Island Marine Corp Band.

The MF Tribute Band; Ed Spearman - Lead Trumpet :)

Best Regards, The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Band

Ed Spearman <edgarspearman@insightbb.com>
Elwood, Indiana    USA
- Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 19:49:10 (CST)

This is great, brought back a whole lot of memories. Most of them are good, some are a bit hazy due to alchohol consumption, I'm sure. I'm going to dig up some old photos and add them. I'm still in regular contact with Jim Broderick (he sent me the link to this site).

John R. Jones <jjones3@tampabay.rr.com>
Tampa, Florida    USA
- Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 17:59:27 (CDT)

Great to come across this site and see a lot of familiar names and faces. It was very cool to hear about Jey and Mindy! I remember being in "Godspell" with Mindy way back when.

Raymond Topscher <rtopsche@hotmail.com>
Minneapolis, Minnesota    USA
- Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 22:17:30 (CDT)

i was in marine band pearl harbor and 4th maw band new orleans from 1976 1980. enjoyed seeing comments from some people that long ago.

robbie harris <robmarion@sbcglobal.net>
marion, ar    us
- Thurs, Oct 4, 2007 at 18:46:10 (CDT)

Still groovin!


Terry Grace <mrbigtoe2003@yahoo.com>

- Mon, Oct 1, 2007 at 23:37:27 (CDT)

Hey Doug! I still have a few recordings of some of the Taifu performances (from the infamous 82-83 Chow Hall Tour) and concert band from Christmas of 1982. Would you be interested in hosting a few MP3's?

Marty Keil <martypamk@hotmail.com>
Jacksonville, NC    USA
- Tues, Aug 28, 2007 at 17:05:46 (CDT)

Hi, everyone! I'm stunned to have stumbled on the precious memories! It's great seeing the pictures and reading the guest book. Doug, amazing! My life story since Oki (80-83) is college, Reserves, grad school, Warrant Officer, marriage, two children (daughter 6 and son 4), worked on the Hill many years, then resigned to consult and raise my children, retired from the reserves. I'm living in Silver Spring, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC. Hope to hear from lots of you! Thank you, Doug!

Gail McNamara (Lewis) <gailalewis@verizon.net>
Silver Spring, MD    USA
- Tues, Jul 17, 2007 at 20:49:52 (CDT)

Does anybody know Eric Ferdman's or Jim Broderick's email address? I knew them at the School of Music in the early 80's. Thanks for any help locating these guys....Semper Fi!

Randy Schoff <rcozmo4@fuse.net>

- Fri, Jul 13, 2007 at 08:42:04 (CDT)

I wandered off your link on my YouTube channel and traced it to here... So this is what you were doing before I met you in the 80's!!!... This is so cool to find this today!!! Happy Memorial Day and best wishes to you!!!

Tracy Lea Landis <tll@zenwarrior.com>
Menomonie, Wisconsin    USA
- Sun, May 27, 2007 at 11:08:52 (CDT)

This is a nice site, Doug! Brings back a lot of memories (mostly good ones!). Hope everyone is doing well.

Scott Claunch <scottclaunch@msn.com>
Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Fri, Mar 30, 2007 at 12:45:36 (CDT)


Terry Grace <mrbigtoe2003@yahoo.com>
Warner Robins, Georgia
- Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 04:46:03 (CDT)

Doug, I hope all is well with you. This site really brings back memories. I have the '84 picture posted in a place of honor on my wall at home. I'm doing well. Retired from the Corps in 2001, I've been attending Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville for the last five years. Netted a B.Mus in trumpet performance, a B. Mus in Theory and Composition, and will receive the masters in Conducting in a few months (May). Then it's off for the DMA. Well, not much more to tell. Semper Fi. Gary E. Beamon

Gary Beamon <gary_beamon@charter.net>
Saint Louis, MO    United States
- Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 16:44:49 (CDT)

Very nice job on the site Doug! It was great looking at all of the old photos of everyone.

James Gray <jgray100@tampabay.rr.com>
Tampa, Florida
- Tues, Mar 20, 2007 at 15:48:41 (CDT)

WOW! I am amazed at all the people here who bring back so many awesome memories. I finished another degree when I retired in 98 (graphic design & digital design) So I now have three degrees I don't know what to do with. I am still trying to slow down...unsucessfully! I work at Quantico at the Expeditionary Warfare School in charge of the electronic curriculum & Copyright Manager/Photographer, I own Excalibur Company (home-based digital design company), Adjutant Mickey Finn Det., Marine Corps League, Military Order of Devil Dogs. AND....I finally bought my Harley!! 2006 Softail Deluxe and I am a member of the Band of Brothers USMC Motorcycle Riding Club! (check out our website at http://www.bandofbrothersusmc.org.) Oh and I quit drinking and became a Mormon and I am Music Director for the Primary children and Girl's Camp Director. As you can see, I'm just as wierd as ever! Love to all and peace, Brandy Fitzgerald "Teeter <---Road Name"

Brandy Fitzgerald <excaliburcompany@verizon.net>
Stafford, VA    USA
- Thurs, Feb 22, 2007 at 07:54:07 (CST)

Hey Sandy Megas
I've Been trying to get a hold of you for a couple of years now. Heard you were up in L.A. I left you a couple of messages and emails. What's up. Drop me a line. I will be up in L.A. this weekend at the NAMM Show in Anehiem, CA
John (Bo)

John (Bo) Bowman <jbowman@csusm.edu>
Vista , California    San Diego
- Thurs, Jan 18, 2007 at 18:05:36 (CST)

Hey Gang I'm still alive and kicking (playing) I have 2 Bands going. Playing here and in Vegas. The website is www.pacificbrass.net I'm still in touch with Joe Jacobs. He is getting his Masters at U. of Maryland. I have 2 Masters now.
Was a teacher and public school Counselor. Now here at CSU San Marcos.
This is a great website. I see and remember a lot of great faces.
Semper Fi John

John (Bo) Bowman <jbowman@csusm.edu>
Vista , California    San Diego
- Thurs, Jan 18, 2007 at 18:00:07 (CST)

Hello Doug, I am very impressed with your Web Site. I have been retired since Aug 1996. Retired as a GySgt from the SOM (1st deck instructor). I am married to the same gal (Linnea) for 26+ years, 2 kids and 1 grand daughter (with one on the way). I've got many happy memories of my time on "The Rock." It's great to see so many of us have signed your Guestbook. Technology is great isn't it?


Eddie Clark <walterclark@cox.net>
Virginia Beach, Virginia
- Mon, Jan 8, 2007 at 21:28:12 (CST)

Hi Doug,

What a talented, hard-working guy you are :) Some things haven't changed after all these years. Great job on the web site. It's funny what memories come to mind when seeing the old photographs ... Jey Young dropping his 35mm camera – it bounced off a boulder and fell in a puddle ... learning to ride Sgt McGee's motorcycle ... Yvette Richardson's sweet smile ... Paul Riley jogging all the time ... Susy Dodson's friendship and support during tough times ... playing bari-sax on "Superbone Meets the Badman" (I can't believe you have pictures of that, ha ha – was I really ever that thin?) ... the WM's having to qualify on the M-16 for the very 1st time. What a handsome picture of Drum Major Danny Connelly :)

I married an Army doggie, ha ha. His name is Tom. He did a 3-year hitch after high school and it turns out he was also at Team Spirit '83. Small world. Tom is an IT specialist. I am a plant manger for a manufacturing facility. (Went to school in Madison, WI after leaving the corps and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Also played in the UW Concert Band and Middleton Civic Orchestra.) Haven't played much for the last few years ... I really need to get involved again.

It's fun to see the updates on everyone. I hope all is well with you and all our commrades!

Sarah Janz (Johnson) <SarahLee927@msn.com>
White Bear Lake, MN
- Sat, Jan 6, 2007 at 20:50:20 (CST)

Anyone who would like to submit photos for the site, can email them to me at .

You will probably need a scanner, since I'm assuming that you will be wanting to send me photos that you have in print or slide form. If you do not have a scanner, there are photo scanning services available on the web, but I have never tried any of them. Certain stores may have in-store photo scanning services, or you could try going to a place like Kinko's to scan in some photos.

It would be nice if you could have the photos cleaned up before you send them to me. As for the size, the resolution should be 72 pixels/inch and the width dimension should be somewhere between 400 and 700 pixels wide.


Doug LaPoint
Minneapolis, MN    USA
- Monday, Dec 18, 2006 at 15:21:45 (CST)

Hello to all! I just stumbled onto this, what a wonderful site!! Doug, I have a photo album with many pics from there. I mean the entire album is of Oki and Taifu. I'd like to get copies to you. Please let me know how. I am married (2nd time) and have two daughters, 2 grand-daughters and a grand-son. I am in the New York City area, about 50 miles North. I recently finished school and got a Graduate Gemologist Diploma. I'm working in the jewelry industry.
Anybody who wants, please e-mail me.

Chuck Bretz <cbpetman@optonline.net>
Putnam Valley, NY    USA
- Fri, Dec 15, 2006 at 16:01:57 (CST)

Hey Doug,

Bill Lamb and I are alive and well, living in Silver City, NM. We've been married 21 years and have three children, two boys, Richard 23 and William 20, and our daughter Brittnye who is 18 and getting ready to graduate. Bill's a music director here in the Silver City area as well as teaching lessons up at the university, and I am a medical transcriptionist working here at the hospital in town. It's really cool to see this site, thanks for putting it up. It's nice to see so many names and hopefully more people will find out about it. Would love to hear from people more about their lives. Deb :)

Debbie Lamb (Knabenshue) <billdebbielamb@earthlink.net>
Silver City, NM    USA
- Thurs, Dec 7, 2006 at 08:54:54 (CST)

Great to see the names and the pictures. Thank you for setting this up. It really wasn't all that long ago. Retired in Feb. 97 and returned home in HB. Semper Fidelis. Take care all, Craig

Craig Wells <CaiWELLS@aol.com>
Huntington Beach, California
- Tues, Dec 5, 2006 at 14:08:54 (CST)


I was the new Warrant Officer that came to III MAF in July of 85 to replace Major Croswell. I see many names on your roster that were still in the band when I arrived. The three years I was on Okinawa were three of my most memorable, and all of the Marines that I served with helped make those memories. I do have some information on some of your "missing" Marines, I'll email that to you soon!

Semper Fi,

Kirk Troen <kirktroen@yahoo.com>
Woodbridge, VA    US
- Tues, Dec 5, 2006 at 08:28:14 (CST)

And many hearty Ooh-rah's! to all of you. Sorry about not getting this in on our beloved Corps birthday. (Didn't check my mail until today.) I hope all are doing well. I talked to Wayne Badie (Weiner) a couple of months ago. He's in Chicago. I'll be sure to let him know about the site.

Everyone out there please drop me a line and tell how you're doing.

Semper Fi

Sandy Megas <arrmegas@verizon.net>
Redlands, CA    USofA
- Sat, Nov 11, 2006 at 09:51:16 (CST)

Simper Fi, Mack! Currently in Rochester, MN. Banking, drums and school ... oh ya, and beer.

Patrick Hennessee <plhslb@yahoo.com>
rochester , mn
- Sat, Nov 11, 2006 at 07:46:44 (CST)

I'm still in Southern California. Someday I'll get my pictures out of the attic and get them going your way Doug. Maybe when someone is running for president we'll pull out some old photos and start a scandal. (714) 751-6060 Bob

Bob Rheaume <Chicopee@aol.com>

- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 21:21:02 (CST)

Semper Fi! And Happy 231st Birthday to the US Marines! God Bless!

Mike McNulty <mcnultysps@yahoo.com>
Chambersburg, PA    USA
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 21:03:27 (CST)


I have to send up a flare and ask for some assistance. My ex-wife destroyed several irreplaceable items/photos from this era and I am asking that any of you who have photos of me/us/yourselves which you can copy/scan/e-mail, I would be forever grateful.

I am striving to recreate, as much as possible, some of the photo albums/memorabilia I had.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at (817) 490-5861 wk, or Home mailing address of: 533 Wolf Dr, Forney Texas 75126.

Many thanks,


Trey Singletary <trey_singletary@ryder.com>
Forney, Texas    USA
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 16:25:24 (CST)

Hi Doug,
Good to see all the former Marine drummers on the guestbook. Eric, good to hear you're doing well. You too, Jerry Deex.
Now all we need is Rheaume to chime in. LOL.
I'm still playing drums, too, and still loving it.
Happy Birthday to all the former Marines that served in Okinawa, Japan, under Croswell's regime.
Glad to hear that you're all doing good.
Keep in touch.

Bob Woodbury <rhythm@metrocast.net>
Gilmanton, New Hampshire    USA
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 16:21:08 (CST)

Hey Doug and you 3rd MAFers out there. Really great to get your birthday message today. Thanks so much for the continued communication. The days I spent with you guys in Okinawa are still some of my most prized memories.

My life has continued to unfold like an epic adventure ... too long to go into here. I'm fine, as is my family (son) Ren - 14, (son) Riley - 10, and ex-wife. I'm working in the music industry (commercial side) and still play every weekend (gave up the professional musician - road thing the minute I held my first son 14 yrs ago).

Thanks again Doug - and Happy Birthday Marines!

Eric Ebel (3 MAF Band 83-86)

Eric Ebel <erice@namm.com>
Carlsbad , California    USA
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 12:28:46 (CST)

Thanks Doug for keeping this website going!

I was thinking about the 40th year anniversary of Iwo Jima, and the little ceremony we did, including the trip to the top of Mt. Surabachi. Haven't seen "Flag of our Fathers" yet, but today would probably be a good day to see it.

I'll look for the picture I have of all of us at the monument.

I also remember the Guam 40th, "Semper Fidelis" on the beach with Amtraks cruising and cannons firing .... Too bad we had to wait two extra days for a C130 repair - I seem to remember two days sitting in a hanger for five hours.

Still waiting for the Taifu reunion!

Semper Fi,

Brian Hanson

Brian Hanson <bphanson2002@yahoo.com>
Albertville, Minnesota    U.S.A.
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 12:06:34 (CST)

Happy Birthday Marines!!
Doug it has been many years since we played together. Your site always floods back many valuable memories. Looking at the list of posts, I see names of guys I proudly served with. It was so good to see Jeff Cribb, Don Chalfy, Andre, and many others. Send me an email some time. Visit my site to see more.
Have Fun, Semper Fi!
Chris Wakeman

Chris Wakeman <chris@crjwakeman.com>
Raleigh, NC    U.S.A.
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 11:52:41 (CST)

Semper Fi former III MAF members. I still have the photos displayed proudly on my wall! Great job on the web site Doug. Very much appreciated. I am in Los Angeles (Orange County) and look forward to talking with anyone who is in the area.

Jerry Deex <montwest@earthlink.net>
Los Alamitos, CA
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 11:45:42 (CST)

It it interesting where we end up in life and the people we continue to stay in touch with. I am fortunate to work with one of the first band WMs, here at Xerox, Sue Comer. She was on Okinawa just before I arrived in '82. I still get to see Tommy Mautino who lives in Pittsburgh as we reminisce of our days with "Taifu" the top 40's Band led by Sandy Megas. If you are not a member of (MCMA.US) you may want to join. Those of you who may remember Steve Schwitzer, he is now the president.
Happy 231st Birthday

Tim Stallman (Rhoades) <tim.stallman@xerox.com>
Rochester, New York    USA
- Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 11:41:21 (CST)

Hey Doug, do you know Erik Ferdman's email address?

Randy Schoff <rcozmo4@fuse.net>

- Thurs, Sep 28, 2006 at 14:41:29 (CDT)

I was at Pearl Harbor from 1983-86...now trying to locate some former band members. I was at the School of Music with Erik Ferdman back in 1982..it was good to see his face again on this site...hope he reads this and contacts me with an email address. Another name I saw in the photos was Jim Broderick...but I think this is a different Jim...the one I knew at the School went on to Okinawa ... anybody know of him? I was at FMF PAC back in the 80's...Matt Farquier was our lead trumpet player ... I understand he is a band leader now. Anyway, thanks for the great web site ... enjoyed it! Wish our unit would have a reunion...kind of tough though to meet in Hawaii! Semper Fi!

Randy Schoff <rcozmo4@fuse.net>
Cincinnati, Oh
- Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 20:10:42 (CDT)


I was never stationed there, but I knew 2 members; Toro and Parr. Toro, a great guy, helped me a lot when I was a fresh newb coming to MCRD San Diego. I remember him to this day. Parr, well, what can I really say about that Geek. Two-faced ____. In any case, I enjoy your website, and it does bring back memories. To be honest, I didn't like the time at all, but... as years go by, I do appreciate it more and more, especially all the guys I knew. True friends, I will say.

Les Stewart <vaper10@yahoo.com>

- Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 14:11:29 (CDT)

I'd love hearing from any old acquaintances. I was in from '53-'79. I was in all the bands except 29 Palms.
Email me after 16 May '06.
Semper Fi ... Jese Sunderland

Jesse Sunderland <Jesse323@webtv.net>

- Thurs, May 4, 2006 at 21:33:14 (CDT)

Commenting on the below entry from Jey Young:

Most of the names on my list came from copies of old TAD orders that I still have. We may have never done an off-island gig together and therefore I didn't have your name listed on any of those orders. I do remember you now though.

Glad you found my site.

Doug LaPoint
Minneapolis, MN    USA
- Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 13:57:25 (CDT)


My name is Jey Young {LCPL,CPL right before I got out} Trumpet player on the Rock from 1-85 to 1-86. Got your website from Gonzo, who contacted me last week. Wow! Bringing back a lot of memories. I don't seem to be on your list but I was there! If anyone remembers LCPL Mindy Dunning, we have been married almost 20 years now. I took Thad Ford's spot in Chopsticks after he left. I am sad to hear he has passed. Anyone feel free to send an e-mail. Thanks!!!!!!!

Jey Young <jeyyoung@cox.net>
Tempe, Az    USA
- Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 22:28:03 (CDT)

Doug, WOW!! What a trip down memory lane. Excellent website. It's been 20 years since we've all been together but I think about the III MAF Gaf all the time. The photos really took me back. After reading the comments, I felt like we were all together again at our house on Kitamie Lane, drinking a few and laughing about the little red wagon story... How about some pictures of the III MAF "cheerleaders" at our mess night?

Would love to hear from anyone anytime.

Allen Kendrick <allenkendrick@hotmail.com>
Jena, Louisiana    USA
- Sat, Apr 8, 2006 at 20:15:06 (CDT)

Greetings to all, this is Don Chalfy, a former Marine tuba player and amphibious assault vehicle (LVT-P7) crewman (1979-1991).

Doug, I came across your web site while browsing Sandy Megas' web site. In perusing the guest book and web site, there are several people I remember serving with over the years. Marty Booth – 1st Mar. Div. Band, Jeff Cribb – III MEF Band, Chris Wakemen – 1st Mar. Div. Band, Fred Oliver, who also turned up in Sarasota, FL at a gig I was playing electric bass on, Andre Clark – MCRD San Diego Band, Dan Connelly – MCAS El Toro, several Rose Parades, Kevin Cress – 29 Palms, CA, Luis Arce – MCRD San Diego, Harry Evans, the list goes on and on...

I served in the following bands: 1st. Mar. Div (2 tours), MCRD San Diego, III MEF Band, 29 Palms CA and performed in 9 Rose Parades.

Those were some of the greatest years of my life and I remember you all fondly (even the assholes ... lol) and wish you all peace, love and happiness.

Semper Fi,

Don Chalfy <dchalfy@comcast.net>
Sarasota/Calgary, Florida/Alberta    USA/Canada
- Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 11:29:34 (CST)

Commenting on the below entry from Jeff Cribb:

Jeff! Yes, I do remember you. Thanks for signing the guestbook! I have at least one old photo of you from the SOM that I'll have to find and post now.

Glad you found my site.

Doug LaPoint
Minneapolis, MN    USA
- Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 14:18:25 (CST)

I was elated to find your sight! It was so great to see some of the names and pictures of people I served with. Thanks for the memories. I was in Okinawa from 1987-1989. It was my favorite duty station besides New Orleans which comes in a very close second. I was at Cherry Point, New Orleans, PISC, OKINAWA 87-89, and Albany. A lot of names are very familiar. Like Hank's sight! Congrats on your business. Looks like you're living your dream. I don't know if you would remember me Doug, but I remember you and thank you for preserving these great memories. If anyone would like to chat, drop me a line. jcribb@satx.rr.com

Jeff Cribb <jcribb@satx.rr.com>
San Antonio, Tx.    bexar
- Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 12:11:19 (CST)


                                ANDRE CLARK

andre clark <dayofdre@adelphia.net>
so. euclid, ohio    U.S.A.
- Mon, Jun 27, 2005 at 11:12:04 (CDT)

Very nice job. I was at the Press Center across the river 7/69-3/70.

Rick Martin <rmartin50@cybermesa.com>
Santa Fe, NM.
- Sat, Mar 19, 2005 at 19:35:31 (CST)

Great to see all the names from the past. Lost touch. Detroit isn't quite the military town. Anybody in the Detroit area, drop me a line.

Thanks LaPoint.

Fred Oliver <fred-kellioliver@sbcglobal.net>
Redford , Michigan
- Thurs, Mar 17, 2005 at 12:08:06 (CST)

I don't know how I ended up here on this web site but it looks like I'm in good company. I remember Okinawa and the BAND and all the hoodlums who served under Croswell and his crew. I was in the Marine band from 1982-1988. Got out in El Toro, Ca. and went back to the east coast. I still play drums with a 6 piece rhythm and blues band, "The Rusty Rockstar Roadshow." Good to see that everyone is doing well!!!

Robert Woodbury <rhythm@metrocast.net>
Gilmanton, New Hampshire    USA
- Wednesday, December 01, 2004 at 19:54:21 (CST)
Just visiting again, got a note from Mike McNulty....

Saw the MCMA reunion pictures, that looked like quite an event.

I'd like to hear from any former members of Taifu/Chopsticks - especially those still playing. It might be fun to have a reunion/get together/jam at one of these events. Of course I rarely get out of Minnesota....


Brian Hanson <bphanson2002@yahoo.com>
Albertville, MN
- Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 15:01:53 (CDT)
Hello Marines! It's been almost 20 years since I left Okinawa. Unbelievable.

Great website, Doug!

Mike McNulty <mcnultysps@yahoo.com>
Chambersburg, PA
- Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 13:30:28 (CDT)

JAMES E. SMITH <digorno1948@yahoo.com>
ridgeway, south carolina    usa
Monday, March 08, 2004 at 22:50:09 (CST)

Friday, December 19, 2003 at 22:53:45 (CST)
Hey Man! Had to read the "Okinawa Soba" article again.... There is a Japanese place in the Dinkydome, I've been meaning to try some there, and see how it rates, but haven't had the chance as of yet. There's always a lot of people going there, so I'm hoping it is good. I'll give you an update someday. Hey - we're going to be playing at the Valley Lounge Jan 31st, also at Babe's in Lakeville on Feb. 14th (haven't told my wife yet ;)....

Brian Hanson <bphanson2002@yahoo.com>
Albertville, MN    USA
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 at 12:40:32 (CST)
I'm an old 5546 slush pumper that went to westpac from Parris Island in 1969. Was stationed with the III MAF band at Danang, RVN until it was decomissioned, then went to Quang Tri, RVN and was with the 3rdMARDIV band there until the band was assigned to Okinawa. Spent a few months in Okinawa with the 3rdMarDiv band. (Somebody might recall the deck gun "welcome" for General Jones that first day out of "country" at Camp McTureous!) Would love to hear from anybody that knew me then. Semper Fi! Great web site. Hope others discover it.

James B. Wood <quiruk@mtaonline.net>
Palmer, Alaska    USA
Thursday, September 18, 2003 at 21:25:12 (CDT)
Dude! Haven't heard from you in awhile, and was just checking out the guestbook. It's fun to see the comments from people I was stationed with. I forgot that Paul Boarman (SSgt Boarman to me) was a fellow midwesterner.... I too miss Okinawa Soba. I'll e-mail you separately for some update info.

Brian Hanson <bphanson2002@yahoo.com>

Monday, June 09, 2003 at 11:33:57 (CDT)
Nice website Doug. I hope you don't mind an old 5593 from Nam to jump in and blow his bugle for a bit. I was with the 3rd MAF Drum and Bugle Corps in Danang for a year and a half. Anybody ever contact you or your boys from that unit?

Doug Busch <vvet@military.com>
Ferndale , Michigan    USA
Wednesday, April 09, 2003 at 14:39:46 (CDT)
I miss Okinawa Soba -- http://www.ryukyushimpo.co.jp/english/essay/es020326.html

Doug LaPoint
Minneapolis, MN    USA
Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at 12:43:52 (CST)
This is a great site Doug. Too many not contacted! It would be great to see everyone some time. I know everyone is working hard, well, almost, drop a line some time and let me know how you are.

Chris Wakeman <chris_wakeman@hotmail.com>
Raleigh, NC    United States of America
Sunday, March 23, 2003 at 13:21:57 (CST)
Doug, Heard that Joe was looking around for me. Joe, you visited my old band's site, http://in-fro-mation.com, a couple weeks back. I think I'm playing on a couple of mp3's there. No matter. I'm still playing and believe it or not still use some of the brass tips you gave me back in Okinawa. Thanks! Drop me a note? Doug, keep up the great work! Paul

Paul L. Riley <paul@greenlinnet.com>
Danbury, CT
Sunday, March 23, 2003 at 08:33:36 (CST)
Howdy, Lots of years gone by! Love gambling at Treasure Island! Had to look twice (maybe three times) at the photos. Glad you keep us old Devil Dogs in mind. Six bits, Paul

Paul Boarman <pboarman@pleasoning.com>
LaCrosse, WI
Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 18:40:56 (CST)
The site is looking great Doug. I should keep in touch more often. I still have some pictures I've been meaning to send you, but I never seem to think of it at the right time. Take care.

Bob <plobo@pdc.k12.wi.us>
Prairie du Chien, WI
Monday, February 17, 2003 at 12:35:49 (CST)
Hi Doug, it was fun to see the old photos. What a flash back. Hope all is well. David

David Fournier <gwalive@hotmail.com>
Fergus Falls, MN
Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 09:01:58 (CST)
Added the guestbook today. Please add your own comments!

Doug LaPoint
Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 18:44:01 (CST)

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